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The MyoLean Beef Story: Better Beef, Naturally
A Message from Dr. Larry Moenning

In more than 30 years as a large-animal veterinarian in northeast Nebraska, I witnessed firsthand large cattle feeders and meatpackers overwhelm the beef industry.  They operated on a bottom line that relied on bringing great numbers of animals to market weight as quickly as possible, without regard to the high amounts of fat added and antibiotics and steroids administered to them in huge, overcrowded feedlots. 

I noted the absence of a lean, healthful, and natural beef option for families and individuals.  I began to research the Italian Piedmontese beef breed and its natural genetic tendency to lean and tender meat.  MyoLean Beef is the result of that research (“MyoLean” refers to the unique, naturally occurring myostatin genetics of the Piedmontese breed).  With it we hope to offer beef-lovers a healthier, higher quality product.  MyoLean Beef is much different from conventional, commercial beef because it’s bred and raised to be lean, tender, and natural.  We think you can taste the difference. 

MyoLean cattle are raised on our small family farms in the beautiful farm and grasslands of northeast Nebraska.  They’re vegetarian fed (grasses and grains) and raised naturally — no artificial growth hormones or antibiotics – with careful attention paid to each individual animal’s welfare. Europeans have been enjoying Piedmontese beef for years.  Discover the difference yourself.  Enjoy beef a better way – try MyoLean Beef! 

Larry Moenning, DVM

Visit www.myoleanpied.com

Also find MyoLean Beef in these fine Lincoln grocery stores:
Open Harvest, Red Clover, Akin’s, HyVee (70th and Pioneers)