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Naturally Lean. Remarkably Tender.

Beef it up with MLP.
Raised without antibiotics
No growth hormones added.
How to Order: Our Price List and Contact Info

Price List

 Ground beef


 Ground beef patties(4 patties/lb)




 Sirloin Tip Roast




 New York Strip steak


 Ribeye steak


 T-bone steak


 Sirloin steak


 Round steak


 Cubed steak




 Summer Sausage (14 oz. chub)


 Beef Ribs


 Flat Iron Steak


 Tri-Tip Steak




 Porterhouse Steak


You can order by half, quarter, or whole beef. To learn more about doing so, please click here, or call Josh at 402-580-2471 or E-Mail us at: myoleanpied@hotmail.com

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MyoLean Piedmontese Beef 
Josh Moenning
E-mail: myoleanpied@hotmail.com
Dr. Larry Moenning
Norfolk, NE