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Production Standards: Raising Natural, Healthy Beef
MyoLean Piedmontese cattle are raised in northeast Nebraska. Small herds of Pied cattle graze and roam in an open, spacious, and clean environment where they receive a natural diet of grasses and grains free of animal byproducts.

Our cattle receive no growth hormones, steroids, or biological stimulants.

Veterinarian owned and operated, we pay special attention to individual animal welfare and good animal nutrition.

This combination of natural growth practices and individual care make MyoLean Piedmontese production standards rare in today's cattle industry, where chemically altered beef is often produced in overcrowded and unclean conditions.

Raised in a clean environment and processed in a locally owned and federally inspected processing facility, the threat of E.Coli and other viral contaminants in Myo-Lean Piedmontese beef is less than in beef raised and processed in substandard environments.